Monday, November 23, 2009

White 9 Project and Drainage Work

Just as location is the cornerstone to any real estate acquisition, drainage is the foundation to successful turfgrass and golf course management. A well-drained golf course lends itself to improved playability through firmer conditions and healthier turfgrass plants. One of the main points of emphasis on the comprehensive golf course renovation project designed by Ron Forse is to improve the overall drainage at NSCC. While the White 9 project will not be completed in its entirety this fall, portions of the the project have been undertaken, much of it in-house, by the NSCC golf course maintenance staff. Earlier this fall internal drainage was installed to all greens on the White 9, contours were added to the 2nd and 5th greens, four new senior tees were constructed, and the amoebic shaped tees of the White 9 were squared off to match the tees on the Red 9. Following the completion of the drainage work, the NSCC grounds staff will remove forty trees from the White 9. It is important to remember that while we will not be completing all the required drainage and tree removal this fall, all of the work completed this fall will tie into the future improvements to the white 9.

The NSCC golf course maintenance staff has prioritized the areas for drainage based upon golf course knowledge as it applies to turfgrass maintenance and course playability. The drainage will be installed only in areas which will remain undisturbed by future, "large pipe" drainage or fill areas. For example, no drainage work will be completed on 7W near the pond as this area will be filled following subsequent work, nor will drainage be installed before the approach to the green on 2W as a large pipe will be installed later.

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