Friday, December 4, 2009

Greens and Tees Closed For Season

What a way to end the season! Throughout the month of November we were fortunate to have had a number of uncharacteristically warm days in which to enjoy the course. Unfortunately, all good thing must come to an end--especially when it pertains to warm weather in Wisconsin.

Even though the upcoming forecast calls for snow and cold, that doesn't mean we may not have a few mild days over the winter which may tempt some of us to get out on the course again. In order to provide the membership with and opportunity to swing the sticks on these days, the course will remain open in a modified format for the winter. Since walking on greens and tees in a semi-frozen state damages the root system of the turfgrass plants, all greens and tees are now closed. The tee markers will be placed in the rough in front of the tees, and the holes will be cut in the fairways before the greens. Hitting into the putting greens is strictly prohibited. As always, please refrain from using the practice green as a short cut from one nine to another. Both the Red and Blue nines have been converted to this format.

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  1. The greens have been effectively closed since late October, eh?


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