Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Do You Do In The Winter? Final Installment

Recent weather trends indicate that our spring thaw has arrived. Last week's warm and sunny days have initiated the melt of 2010. The putting greens that were cleared by the golf course maintenance staff are now completely free of ice and snow. Following the current rainy stretch and predicted warm temperatures, I expect most of the golf course will be free of snow by next week. On the whole, the greens appear to be healthy. A few greens, namely 9W, 9B, and the practice green, exhibit varying degrees of winter damage. Once the course dries out and the remainder of the snow and ice melts, we will be able to better determine the condition of all putting greens and other playing surfaces. Be sure to check back next week for an updated post on course conditions.

This week, the golf course maintenance staff will put the finishing touches on winter maintenance projects. Equipment and cutting unit maintenance continues on schedule. Other staff members are close to finishing the refurbishment of all golf course accessories and furnishings. In order to provide the NSCC membership with a fresh look each year, all benches, ballwashers, waste receptacles, and tee signs are refinished annually. Each of these items must first be sanded and washed prior to painting. This essential and time consuming process is necessary so that our golf course furnishings do not detract from the natural beauty of the golf course. Also, the annual refurbishment of our on-course accessories has allowed NSCC to utilize the same equipment for almost 20 years. By extending the useful life of these accessories, the grounds staff has minimized the overall financial impact that would be required to replace these furnishings. Now, more than ever, this financial responsibility serves our club well due to the economic recession we currently face.

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