Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall 2010 Aerification Schedule

Please take some time to review the following aerification schedule and note that the time frame for putting green aerification has been altered slightly from previous years. The reasons for this change are twofold. First of all, this past summer's extreme heat, humidity, and moisture have taken their toll on the plants which comprise the putting surfaces at NSCC. Most importantly we will reduce the amount of organic material in our greens through core aerification. By aerifying earlier in the fall, we will also alleviate the affects of stress and encourage rapid turf recovery. Secondly, by "punching" the greens in late September rather than mid-October, we will take advantage of the warmer soil temperatures in the fall. These warmer soil temperatures coupled with moderate air temperatures should allow for quicker recovery and higher quality putting surfaces in the spring of 2011.

2010 Fall Aerification Schedule
  • Tees: September 7th
  • Practice Green: September 7th
  • South Practice Tee: September 13th
  • Red/White Greens: September 28th
  • Blue Greens: October following drainage installation

Please note that the grass surface of the South Practice Tee will be closed for the remainder of the 2010 golf season following aerification. The tee will require extensive seeding, and without ample recovery time, will not be ready for the 2011 season. The North Practice Tee grass surface and the South Practice Tee artificial surface will remain open for use.

Also, the practice putting green will be closed for two weeks following aerification. Following aerification, the golf course maintenance staff will be seeding a desirable bentgrass variety into the putting surface. We ask that all members refrain from walking on the putting surface until it reopens on September 24.

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