Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dedication and Perseverence

Portable Sprinkler In Rough On 7 Red
   After little snowfall over the past winter, a dry spring, and only .36" inches of rain in June, the golf course remains extremely dry. While our automated irrigation system in normally sufficient in providing adequate moisture to the putting greens, tees, fairways, and selective rough areas, we are limited to irrigating areas that are located near sprinkler heads.  During periods of extreme drought, outlying rough areas receive no irrigation through our automated system.

Due to the dry conditions and warmer than normal temperatures, unirrigated portions of the golf course have turned dormant.  Dormant turf will recover with the onset of rain and cooler temperatures, however these areas are more susceptible to wear and tear from golf cart traffic and simply provide a less than desireable appearance.  Additionally, the trees located in these areas are placed under increased stress due to the lack of water. 

In order to assist these areas with recovery, NSCC dedicates one employee to placing portable sprinklers in these areas on a daily basis.  Our employee, Miguel, has remained dilligent over the last couple months by nurturing acres of rough through these challenging conditions.  Miguel's day consists of hauling around thirty 100' sections of 1" hose and 15 sprinklers around the golf course on a rotating basis.  Each morning Miguel begins at 5AM and finishes around 2:30 PM.  Without Miguel's dedication, the roughs would be crispy and dormant.  The picture below illustrates the importance of the portable sprinklers in the rough.  Don't hesitate to acknowledge Miguel's hard work if you see him on the course.

Contrast Between Irrigated and Unirrigated Rough

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