Friday, July 27, 2012

Fall Course Renovation Project Announcement

I am thrilled to report that the Board of Directors has approved moving forward with further improvements to the White Nine.  While we will not complete the White Nine project to its entirety in 2012 due to the current economic environment, we will move forward with improvements to both 1 and 8 White.   Highlights of the 1 White project include: new bunkering, fairway expansion, a green roll off area, and pond expansion.  Changes to 8 White include new bunkering, two new tees, and green expansion and contouring improvements.  Renderings of the project are shown below.  Click on either picture to view them in greater detail.
Start Date:                                 September 4th
Project Length:                 3-4 weeks

Architect Site Visits:         2

Golf Course Contractor:    Country Golf

1 White

8 White

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