Thursday, October 31, 2013

2 Blue Pond Restoration

2 Blue Pond With Restored Edge and Beach Bunker Removed
Even though no major renovation plans took place this fall,the golf course maintenance staff has completed an extensive pond edge repair projecton 2 Blue.  As many of you have surelynoticed, the integrity of the pond edge had declined over the last few years,exposing the irrigation piping and posing a safety issue to both members andemployees.  In order to repair theroughly three hundred feet of pond bank, the talented members of the maintenancestaff utilized an excavator to reshape and soften the edge.   At the same time the pond edge was beingprepared, other staff members worked to further improve the hole.  The narrow point of the fairway was expandedby roughly three yards to disperse cart traffic and improve playability.  Additionally, the beach bunker on the greenside of the pond was removed according to the Forse plan.  The elimination of this bunker will easemaintenance associated with sand washing into the pond and improve playabilityby eliminating a long bunker shot for those who have punched out through thefairway and into the bunker.  Prior toregrassing the edge of the pond, the entire edge was lined with wire mesh toprevent muskrat damage and plastic mesh to reduce future erosion.  The entire project was completed in-house bythe golf course maintenance staff and serves to improve the hole for futureyears.

Prior To Restoration
Bank Excavation and Grading

Grading and Beach Bunker Removal

Beach Bunker Removal

Muskrat and Erosion Prevention Installation

Sod Installation and Fairway Expansion

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