Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 Course Opening and Conditions

We are pleased to announce that the 2014 golf season has officially arrived at North Shore Country Club.  The golf course has come through the winter in great shape and will only improve as temperatures increase.  The practice tee will open today, Wednesday, from the artificial surface only. Both the Red and White courses will open in their regular format on Friday, April 11th at noon.  Currently the golf course will be available for walking only.  Future cart accessibility will be evaluated on a daily basis and relayed to the Pro Shop. 

Over the past two weeks the golf course maintenance staff has been busy.  Initially upon snow melt, team members walked the entire course raking debris in to piles.  Over the past two days, staff has removed most debris from the Red and White Nines.  Currently, the golf course maintenance staff is curren working to repair and rake the bunkers.  Prior to opening on Friday, staff will mow all putting greens for the first time.

If you are fortunate to play the course over the next couple weeks, you will likely notice that the pond on 3 Red is lacking water.  Over the extremely cold winter, over two feet of ice formed on the pond.  The thick layer of ice placed more pressure than normal on the stand pipe that serves as an outflow and drain for the pond.  The pressure of the ice actually damaged the valve at the bottom of the pond.  Next week, we will repair the valve and fill the pond once again.  Please refrain from walking on the exposed edges of the pond. Not only is it dangerous, it could also damage the pond.

Lastly, I wanted  pass along a photo from the sixth fairway on Red Nine.  You will notice the brown circles of turf leading up the through the middle of the fairway.  At first glance I thought that it was disease.  Upon closer inspection the damage was caused from snowshoes walking the course over the winter.  Even though we had ample snowfall, the compressed snow turned to ice, causing the damage.  This picture truly shows how fragile turf is, even in the winter months.  The damage is superficial and the turf will quickly recover with the onset of warmer temperatures.

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