Sunday, April 4, 2010

Course Opening Schedule

Below are listed the opening dates for golf holes and practice areas:

  • Red Nine--April 1

  • North Practice Tee--April 3

  • White Nine--April 8

  • Short Game Area--April 10

  • South Practice Tee (Grass Surface)--May 1

  • Practice Green--TBD

  • Blue Nine--TBD

NOTE: The opening date of both the Practice Green and the Blue Nine are dependent upon course conditions and turf development. The practice green receives extremely heavy traffic throughout the golfing season. Prior to opening, the putting surface must adequately recover from any lingering winter damage and be able to sustain the heavy amount of foot traffic it receives. As previously mentioned, the Blue Nine fairways sustained the greatest amount of winter damage. Large portions of many fairways must be seeded and established prior to opening.

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