Monday, April 12, 2010

Mounds East Of 7 Red

As play resumes this Spring, you will notice the new and subtle mounding to the East of 7 Red fairway. The mounds, created last fall, were constructed with the excess fill generated while installing the cart path from 3 White green to 4 White tee, the drainage spoils on the White fairways, and aerification cores from our fall green and tee aerifaction. The dry conditions in early Spring have allowed the golf course maintenance staff to grade, seed, and mulch the mounds. The mounds were seeded with a mix of native grasses and will blend into the existing naturalized areas on the course when they fill in. Once mature, these mounds will provide a natural separation from the tee box on 2 Red and the fairway on 7 Red. As the dogwoods, which currently separate the two holes, reach the end of their useful lifespan and are removed, we will be prepared for a seamless transition.

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