Friday, October 7, 2011

Golf Course Improvement Projects

At the September meeting, the Board of Directors approved two golf course improvement projects as recommended by the Grounds and Greens Committee. The primary focus of these projects is to improve fairway drainage and to properly manage the trees on the golf course. Prior to the recommendation of the projects, the Grounds and Greens Committee spent three hours reviewing both the White and Blue Nines to assess the value of and prioritize the importance of each project. Rest assured that both the drainage projects and the tree removal project closely follow the golf course master plan as created by golf course architect Ron Forse. The tree removal project will begin in late fall and will likely continue into the winter. The drainage projects are currently underway and will be completed using NSCC staff by early November.

The most challenging component of the drainage project is the replacement of the deteriorating culvert pipe which diverts water below the fairway on 7 White following heavy rain and snow melt. The existing pipe was composed of galvanized metal and had been in the ground for over 20 years. Over time, the integrity of the pipe had been compromised and was no longer viable. After heavy rains, excess water would wash underneath the corroded pipe and began washing out the existing grade. The Grounds and Greens committee has taken a proactive approach and decided that replacing the old galvanized pipe with a new dual-wall, 24" inch PVC pipe was the best solution. This new pipe will last much longer than the 20 years that the old pipe lasted.

NSCC's golf course maintenance staff has nearly nearly completed the project. The old pipe was first removed. Staff next trenched the site in preparation for the new and slightly larger pipe, working carefully around existing irrigation pipe and wires. Staff often checked the grade while excavating and preparing the trench to ensure adequate fall. Following the installation of the pipe, the golf course maintenance staff will backfill the trench with gravel and soil. Once the final grade is completed, the golf course maintenance staff will return the sod to the fairway.

The other drainage projects approved by the Board serve to improve the poorly drained fairway areas on 2 White, 7 White, and 6 Blue. The project on 2 White, near the green, is nearly complete. After finishing this project early next week, the golf course maintenance staff will move forward with the drainage installation in the landing area on 7 White. Following aerification and closure of the Blue Nine putting greens on October 17, the golf course maintenance staff will install an extensive drainage system throughout the entire second half of the fairway on 6 Blue. This project will be completed by the end of October.

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