Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Irrigation System Maintenance and Improvements

A properly functioning irrigation system is vital to maintaining quality turf conditions throughout the season. The irrigation system is truly the life blood of the golf course during the hot summer months. Without a reliable system, turfgrass decline would be inevitable.

Understanding this, the NSCC Board of Directors approved two major deferred maintenance projects which will guarantee proper irrigation function for years to come.

The Board approved the following maintenance work to the pump station on 7 White:

  • Restore the support frame that holds all four pumps above the wet well.

  • Restore the 60HP pump to peak efficiency

  • Rebuild and add an additional stage to the 20HP in order to meet the higher pressure demand that our system now operates at

  • Service the 30HP pump and motor

The Board also approved the following upgrades to the irrigation control system since our current control system is no longer manufactured and now obsolete. In fact, some electronic repair parts are no longer available for purchase:

  • Replace the 27 on-course Network 800 controllers with 15 new Lynx controllers

  • Replace the 12 year-old central computer with a new computer and software

While these projects do not necessarily have the appeal of a renovation project, they are critical to course conditioning. All installation and repair work is currently underway. The new system will be up and running to begin the season.

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