Friday, April 6, 2012

Golf Season Begins With Course In Great Shape

The 2012 golf season officially begins this weekend with the onset of the first major of the year, the Masters. The golf course at NSCC has opened in wonderful conditions. A mild winter, with little ice and minimal sub-zero temperatures, has provided us with a damage free golf course. Additionally, extremely warm temperatures for extended periods of time in March have provided for an early spring green up. Currently turf conditions are 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule. That being said, the golf course maintenance staff has been very busy preparing the course for play and summer:

  • Putting Greens: The greens have been verticut and topdressed. Growth regulators have been applied to reduce annual bluegrass seedhead production. Mowing heights and fertility will be manage to allow for adequate recovery and growth.

  • Tees: The tees have been verticut and topdressed as well. We will place the tee markers toward the front of tees for a couple more weeks in order to preserve the primary hitting areas for the upcoming season.

  • Fairways: The fairways have come out of winter in the best shape that I have ever seen--they currently appear as though it is mid-June. Our equipment technician Jim is currently solid-tine aerifying all fairways. He has completed the White Nine and is currently working on the Red Nine. Once Jim completes this process, the golf course maintenance staff will begin verticutting fairways in preparation for our first sand topdressing application.

  • Pump Station Improvements: The pumps in the pumping station on the White Nine have been completely rebuilt and installed. The irrigation system was pressurized yesterday. The golf course maintenance staff will repair all leaking pipes and sprinkler heads in the coming weeks.

  • Stump Hole Repair: The warm weather and dry conditions have allowed the golf course maintenance staff to get an early jump on repairing the stump holes created following the removal of trees in the fall of 2011. While most holes were leveled off and seeded, the golf course maintenance staff sodded the largest stump holes located close to the fairways on 1 White and 3 White.

Take advantage of the warm temperatures this weekend and come out and play the course. Follow your round by watching the Masters in the clubhouse!

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