Tuesday, September 18, 2012

8 White Putting Surface Modifications

One of the most critical yet overlooked pieces of the renovation to 8 White is the contour changes to the putting surface.  Like most greens at NSCC, the putting surface on 8 White existed as a relatively flat green.  While the green featured a small decline to the rear right and left, the majority of the putting surface offered little interest.  In designing the plan for the eighth green, Ron Forse, golf course architect, looked to enhance the existing contours by building up and expanding the rear of the green.  This new contour allows for more interesting putting, a better view from the tee, and an improved ability for the green to hold lower trajectory golf shots.

Ron Forse was on hand to oversee the changes that would ultimately occur on green.  After a long conversation regarding playability and construction methods, Ron carefully painted the area which would be changed.

During the process, careful measurements were taken with a digital level to guarantee that the contour would seamlessly match.
Once the designated area was ready for the project all sod was removed and carefully stacked so that it could be returned to the same location.  A special mix of soil was added to the exposed surface.  The soil was tested to verify that it retained physical properties that very closely resemble our existing soil profile.  This will eliminate the chance for turf failure at a later date due to the icompatiblity of the two soils.

After compacting the soil mix, the sod was carefully replaced and compacted by using a vibratory plate compactor and roller.  Prior to opening next May, the grounds and greens staff will continuously aerify, verticut, and roll the surface to make sure the green rolls as true as the rest of the greens at NSCC.

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