Saturday, September 8, 2012

Renovation On 8 White Underway

8 White Drainage Swale and Bunker Shaping

8 White Left Greenside Bunker Roughed In

The renovation project on 8 White is now underway.  The golf course construction contractor, Country Golf Inc., arrived on Tuesday.  They began preliminary shaping work on the greenside bunkers on #8.  Course architect, Ron Forse, had previously sent detailed drawing of the project.  Jim Deemer, shaper for Country Golf, began grading the drainage swale and roughing in the bunkers around the greens on the eighth hole.  On Wednesday, Ron Forse will arrive to finalize and approve the shaping work, define the bunker edges, lay out the new tee's elevation and shape, and begin preliminary work on 1 White.  With dry weather, I hope to have the green complex on 8 White complete by the end of next weekend.

Preliminary Work 8 While Left Greenside Bunker

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